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Welcome to my website.My name is Trish Cameron.

Trish Cameron holds a honours English degree from Trinity College Dublin and a post graduate diploma in the social sciences from University college Dublin. She worked for many years as a Probation Officer and in the Health Services working with people with Autism. This has given her an understanding and an ability to hold a space for people to heal in ways that working solely in the physical realm cannot allow.
She is an impeccable medicine woman with 25 years of study in the indigenous ways and practices of the Old Irish and Native American traditions. She completed a 15 year apprenticeship with the renowned teacher, shaman and medicine woman Dr. Arwyn Larkin and is an accredited member of the MorningStar Temple and the Temple of Eiriu.
She is devoted to teaching how we can work together as a global community to bring about positive change for the planet. She has travelled widely to work with master practitioners in South America ,North America and Egypt. She walks the path of the mystic and healer bringing a depth of knowledge, wisdom, creativity and love to all of her work.

Shamanism is a path of direct revelation. It is an ancient spiritual practice with the understanding that everything has a spirit and all of life is connected. No two shamans will practice in exactly the same way because each will act according to the guidance of their own helping spirits.
It is understood that it is not just the technique that heals but the energy or intention behind the work. The shaman is seen as a bridge between ordinary and non-ordinary reality,the seen and unseen worlds.
Shamanism addresses the spiritual aspect of illness, helping to restore balance and wholeness and is a brilliant salve for the stresses and anxieties of our modern lives.

She offers the following services:

Wedding ceremony

Renewal of vows

Baby blessing and naming ceremony

Funerals,Memorials and anniversaries

Rights of passage incuding major birthdays

House blessings

Ceremonies for the major Celtic festivals

Individual healing ceremony

Sweat Lodge ceremony


Group workshops and training (see latest events)


Email Trish

Mobile 0872073923

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